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October 31, 2008


In a stunning (but not too surprising) turnaround, Presidential hopeful John McCain could lose his own home state of Arizona.

According to a story in yesterday's Arizona Republic, John McCain is tied with Barack Obama in Arizona. In the most recent poll, conducted by Arizona State University, McCain leads Obama by only 2 points - 46 to 44. Since the poll has a 3% margin of error that equates to a statistical tie.

Just one month ago McCain's lead was 7% and over this past summer, it was in the double-digits.

Wes Gullett, co-chairman of McCain's Arizona campaign, said "We're doing fine in Arizona. We're not going to win by 30 points, but we're going to do fine. We're going to win."

Gullett and co-Chairman Kurt Davis said tracking polls often have methodological problems. But the two did not provide specifics about what was wrong with the recent poll.

If you've paid attention to how vile and dangerously inciteful the McCain/Palin attacks against Obama have become lately then it wouldn't surprise you to hear this.

In the world we live in today, voters desperately want to know what, specifically, the candidates plan on doing to get us out of all the messes that have been created over the last 8 years. They're tired of all of the down-in-the-dirt politics and are flat-out repulsed by the dangerous racial and terrorist innuendos that McCain and Palin have been throwing around lately.

I'm hoping that McCain not only loses nationally but also loses Arizona by a wide margin. It's a very real possibility given the overwhelming support Obama has with gays, blacks, hispanics and young students voting for the first time. And Arizona has a substantial population of all four groups. A expected voter turnout here of 80-85% certainly would bode well for Obama.

I can't stress enough the importance of every single person who is registered to vote actually going out and doing it!