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October 29, 2008


It has become obvious even to Mormons themselves that their leadership's obsessive involvement in the anti-gay marriage propositions is tearing the church apart from within.

As I've reported in earlier postings, there are a significant number of LDS (Latter Day Saints or Mormon) members who have very publicly disagreed with what their leaders are doing. They feel their church has no business being so involved in a political endeavor that many feel is a violation of the Church's own tenets. Some of the members have even lost their jobs or have been excommunicated because of nothing more than their outspoken and very public expressions of disagreement.

The Church leaders seem to have miscalculated the blind support they thought they we entitled to. As a result, not only have they not increased respect for the LDS Church by the outside communities, they have created serious chasmic divisions throughout their own institution.

The Salt Lake Tribune just did a piece on the growing unrest within the LDS Church over the same-sex marriage proposals. I recommend that anyone who is interested check it out.

There are, of course, statements made by Prop 8 proponents in the article that I totally disagree with but overall, it does show the serious divisions that have been created.

The article can be found at: Salt Lake Tribune