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September 14, 2008


On his first and only visit to Denver, 26 year old Nima Daivari, his cousin and her boyfriend were walking home from dinner at a 16th Street eatery. While they were talking, a pedestrian passed by and suddenly yelled, "Keep that faggot away from me."

Maybe it was Daivari's tight, white jeans, snakeskin shoes and the fairy pendant that he wore on a chain around his neck but when he said "Excuse me?" to the man, the assailant turned and punched him in the head. Fortunately, Daivairi was a trained boxer and he quickly subdued his attacker, holding him in a headlock until a policeman arrived.

Unfortunately, that's when things went from bad to unbelievable. Daivari wanted his attacker arrested but not only did Officer Richard Boehnlein refuse repeated requests to press charges, he refused to investigate and didn't even bother to take the attacker's name. Instead, he simply told Daivari "No, go home," and let the attacker walk away.

Daivari registered an official complaint which resulted in a finding that the officer should have at least documented the case and "probably" should have arrested his attacker. Officer Boehnlein was reprimanded and fined with a ludicrous "one regular day off."

To make matters even worse, when Daivari tried to bring a civil suit, U.S. District Judge Zita Weinshienk dismissed the case, holding that no rights were violated. Gay men are not a protected class under the Constitution.

That doesn't even make any sense! This was a physical attack on a law abiding citizen and as such should have been prosecuted, if not as a hate crime, then surely as an assault. Certainly at least the assailants name should have been taken. What's wrong with these people?

Apparently the mile-high air there is a little to thin for them to even be able to think straight. What a sad commentary on the city and on the state. I certainly won't be visiting there anytime soon.

My source for this article is the Denver Post