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October 8, 2008


In what has to be the most outrageously ludicrous tactic yet, the republicans now claim that openly gay Rep. Barney Frank was responsible for our current financial crisis.

This is not the first time republicans, along with their right wing media friends, have tried to blame others for what they themselves caused. They've used this maneuver many times before in desperate attempts to distract the public from their own culpability. But this time they've laced their Karl-Rove-manufactured smears with outright homophobia. And the Fox News Network is leading the charge.

According to a story at Edge New York,

An Oct. 6 article in the Huffington Post observes that Fox News and the Business and Media Institute have zeroed in on Frank for having been romantically involved with Herb Moses, whose relationship with Frank, as well as his tenure as a Fannie Mae executive, both ended a decade ago.

The Huffington Post notes that it was the day after Frank appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News program (and contradicted O’Reilly’s assertions) that Fox News published a story claiming that the media had looked the other way during Frank and Moses’ long-ended relationship because of Frank’s status as an openly gay man.

The story also tried to accuse Frank of stalling regulations to rein in Fannie Mae because of his relationship with Moses.

The Huffington Post quoted Frank’s correction of O’Reilly the day before the Fox News article appeared.

Frank said, "You’ve misrepresented this consistently."

Continued Frank, "I became chairman of the committee on January 31st, 2007. Less than two months later, I did what the Republicans hadn’t been able to do in 12 years--get through the committee a very tough regulatory bill."

Added Frank, "The Senate was dragging its feet, as often happens. And in January of 2008, I asked Secretary Paulson to put in the stimulus bill.

"So the earliest chance I got to put tough regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we did it."

That correction by Barney apparently pissed off Bill O'Reilly and the Fox News Network so much that they just had to launch into their false and misleading diatribe against him.

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