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October 9, 2008


The ABC television network has, in recent years, demonstrated a very positive, diversity inclusive approach in their programming. For that, they deserve to be commended.

Unfortunately, their recent decision not to air a climate change ad produced by Al Gore's We Can Solve It organization is seriously jeopardizing the positive image they've worked so hard to create.

Although the climate change crisis has been pushed to the background, it is still certainly a monumental issue that affects all of us. And it will continue to grow more serious everyday.

The network has yet to issue a public statement explaining their action but it does seem that the ad's strong attack on the oil companies' insanely powerful and disproportionate influence over governmental policies and regulations is probably the reason.

Watch the ad below and decide for yourself:

I personally see nothing else in the ad that could possibly be considered objectionable enough to justify their refusal to run it. If that IS the reason then ABC should be ashamed of itself...as much for their action as for their apparent assumption that no one will notice or care.

We Can Solve It is mounting a petition campaign on their website. If you would like to participate, go to: wecansolveit.org