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July 14, 2008

Boycott Of San Diego Hyatt Called For

According to an article posted on signonsandiego.com, a boycott of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego has been called for. Apparently the owner, Doug Manchester, donated $125,000 to the Anti-Gay Marriage amendment (Proposition 8) in California.

Fred Karger, who is one of the organizers of the boycott, said he is also urging the public to boycott Manchester's other hotel, the Grand Del Mar. “This is someone who is giving an exorbitant amount of money to write discrimination into the constitution for the very first time,” Karger said. “Our goal is to create a business loss for people who contribute. We want to make it a little uncomfortable," he added.

Andrew Pugno, an attorney for protectmarriage.com, which supports Proposition 8 said “Support for traditional marriage is a mainstream view. I can't imagine that efforts to boycott businesses with mainstream views are going to be successful.”

However, in May of this year, after the court ruling legalizing gay marriage in California, the non-partisan Field Poll found a majority of California voters opposed a constitutional ban and by a slimmer majority for the first time supported same-sex marriage. Also, two gay rights organizations, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and PlanetOut Inc., moved events they had scheduled at the Manchester Grand Hyatt to another location. So, it seems that Mr. Pugno's comments about mainstream views and that the boycott wouldn't be successful are turning out to be wrong on both counts.

Mr. Manchester, by the way, said that his hotel doesn't discriminate and that he welcomes the GLBT community. If that isn't the height of crass hypocrisy I don't know what is. He's happy to take our money but doesn't want us to have the same rights that he and his family has. What's wrong with that picture?

If you're planning a trip to San Diego, I would urge you not to stay at either the Manchester Grand Hyatt or the Grand Del Mar.
Staying at any other Hyatt is actually recommended since the Hyatt Corporation itself is a very strong supporter of our community and has scored very highly for their non-discrimination policies. Hopefully, the corporate office will bring a lot of pressure down on Manchester. After all, most people will only recognize the name Hyatt and wouldn't necessarily make the distinction between the whole chain and a single hotel.

You can read the full story at: signonsandiego.com


Anonymous said...

Wishing to support and pass Proposition 8 does not mean that you hate anyone. However your organization's goal of exposing anyone who contributes to Prop 8 as a "hate-monger" is grossly unfair and deceitful. I completely support Proposition 8 because men and women were created to be together and marriage should protect the relationship that produces children and supports families. There is no hate in that statement--it is just plain fact. I see much more hate speech among the LGBT community towards supporters of traditional marriage than I've ever seen or heard in the other direction. You know what I mean--you blame, accuse, boycott, and cause a ruckus in the media. People who support traditional marriage are supporting what has worked for centuries and what is supported by the biology of human bodies.

from "justmakessense" in San Diego

Steve Krotz said...

Once again, religious belief overrides logic, truth and cold, hard facts.

First, nowhere in the posting is the phrase "hate-monger" even used but you put it in quotes suggesting that I or someone else said that. So, you start off your comment with a lie.

Second, you say that heterosexual marriage should be protected because it "produces children and supports families," implying that it is the only relationship capable of doing that. Another distortion of truth. Gay partners have not only had children by birth but are as supportive of their families as any heterosexual couple has ever been. In fact, according to the most recent studies, children from gay families tend to be more grounded in who they are, less abused, happier and far less condemning of other people.

Finally, simply because there isn't enough room here to cover all of the untruths and misconceptions implied in your response, let me just say that the primary intent of this boycott is to put businesses and individuals on notice that they cannot expect us to support them or spend our money in their enterprises when then fight against our equal rights behind the scenes. If that doesn't seem logical and justified to you then I suggest you take off your blinders and take a good look at the real world around you.