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April 22, 2009


I worked most of my life in marketing and advertising and I've come to appreciate strong, concise, well written visual messages that have high, professional production standards.

Usually, you would expect this kind of quality to come from places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or other large metropolitan areas that have vast pools of young, eager, gifted talent to draw from. That's why the tepid TV ads produced in opposition to Prop 8 in California were so disappointing.

Well, maybe when GLBT rights groups are looking for that kind of impactful advertising for future rights battles, they should look to Iowa. The new activist group One Iowa, the group that was formed during the brilliantly executed campaign to bring gay marriage to that state, just released the following television ad to combat the right wing's underhanded efforts to derail that success.

Anyone who doubts the veracity of the passionate, bold, driven commitment of today's new, young activist should check out Iowa. Yes. I did say Iowa.

BTW - thanks to Queers United for posting this video.