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December 21, 2008


In Beijing Matthew Mitcham became one of the world's truly outstanding, gold medal, olympic athletes. And he did it in the most dramatic, heart-stopping way possible for a world-class diver.

He's young, he's attractive, he has a winning smile and a warm, outgoing, exuberant personality. He's been named Australia's Sports Performer Of The Year and has even been immortalized on a 50c Australian postage stamp featuring his name, image and medal.

In fact, according to PinkNews.co.uk, last week, at a reception at the National Art School in Sydney, Matthew was named one of the top 25 most influential gay Australians.

So, considering all of his impressive accomplishments, why hasn't Matthew gotten a single endorsement contract? Not one - from anywhere in the world!

Considering the tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars that worldwide mega-corporations and local, home-grown businesses have showered on other olympic and non-olympic athletes, you would think that they could afford to acknowledge and support the accomplishments of this one exceptional Australian athlete.

Well, clearly - and shamefully - extremist homophobia trumps olympic gold medals. Apparently, it even trumps simple but outstanding, personal perseverance in overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

Being the only openly gay male athlete to ever compete in the world olympics does seem to carry with it a substantial price. All of the rosy rhetoric espoused by international corporations about diversity and inclusiveness certainly seems to ring very hollow right now, doesn't it?

What's amazing about all of this is Matthew's own extraordinarily mature attitude. Yes, of course, he's disappointed but his never-say-die optimism keeps pushing through. In a recent interview with the Sidney Morning Herald, Matthew said,

"It [coming out] has brought so much attention because it's put me out there, and people know who I am, but I'd like to think that it's not the most interesting thing about me.

"Like everything, there are pros and cons about it, but nothing bad has come out of coming out yet, and that's one of the best things of the whole experience."

"Yeah, I haven't got anything yet, but I'm working on stuff, and looking for stuff but, no, I haven't got anything yet."

How could anyone not like this guy? Come on everyone - pass the word around - get him some endorsement deals. He deserves it! And it's one of the only ways for him to raise enough money to finance his training and his next trip to the olympics.

Someone out there - STEP UP!!