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October 23, 2008


Most of us have known all along about the massive involvement of the Mormon Church in the California and Arizona initiatives to ban gay marriages. What we weren't exactly sure of is just how much they've contributed.

According to The Advocate,

Californians Against Hate released figures Tuesday showing that $17.67 million was contributed by 59,000 Mormon families since August to groups like Yes on 8. Contributions in support of Prop. 8 total $22.88 million. Additionally, the group reports that Mormons have contributed $6.9 million to pass a similar law, Proposition 102, in Arizona.

That equates to 77% of the total contributions made in California alone!

Fred Karger of Californians Against Hate said in a press release,
"It is a staggering amount of money and an even more staggering percentage of the overall campaign receipts. The Mormon Church, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has hijacked the campaigns in both California and Arizona, where voters face constitutional amendments to end same-sex marriage."

The sad irony here is that although the church's hierarchy has directed their followers to help pass Prop 8 by "donating of your means and time", not a single Mormon Church leader has made any kind of personal donation themselves. Their tenet seems to be "do as I tell you, not as I do."

In an interview with The Advocate, Karger said:
"For whatever reason, they're trying to get some respect from other religions. They've always been looked down upon by the Christians, the Catholics, and evangelicals. Success with the marriage amendment would give the church credibility."

This seems to be the overriding modus operandi of the Mormon Church throughout their history. Do whatever it takes to further their agendas and strengthen their standing without regard for right or wrong morality and without any compassion for whoever might get hurt.

I hope this ultimately comes back to bite them in their collective asses.


Queers United said...

how do they remain tax exempt is my question

Steve Krotz said...

They may be in trouble on that front too.

I sent a letter to my congressman suggesting that a congressional and/or IRS investigation of the Mormon Church be undertaken. I haven't heard anything back yet but the religious right seems to be outright asking for that themselves. On Sept. 28th a group of about 30 pastors, minister, etc. intentionally used their pulpits to preach politics and ask for donations in an attempt to challenge the IRS policies.

If you want to read the story I wrote about that, go to my Sept 30th posting at http://desertspeak.blogspot.com/2008/09/religious-right-challenges-separation.html