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October 3, 2008


David Popescu was invited to participate in a federal candidates' discussion at Sudbury Secondary School of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The school is well known for its performing arts classes and takes great pride in its inclusive, open atmosphere.

According to the Toronto Sun, during the question and answer period following the 2 hour discussion a young man asked Popescu what he thought of homosexual marriages and he said "I think homosexuals should be executed. My whole reason for running is the Bible and the Bible couldn't be more clear on that point."

Candidates and teachers looked on in stunned silence as students starting calling for him to be "cut off." Despite their outrage, the discussion moved to other topics.

Principal Paul Camillo emphasized the school's inclusiveness in his closing remarks but did not condemn the statement.

In an interview he said, "We're here today to hear what the candidates have to say. As an inclusive school, we respect all other opinion although we may not agree with them -- and I know there were definitely some things said today that we don't agree with."

Gary Kinsman, an advocate for the Sudbury Gay and Lesbian community said while Popescu's extreme views are well known, he has never said something "so extreme."

"He's not simply saying that lesbians or gay men are mentally ill or somehow deviant or criminals. He's saying we should be subject to the death penalty. I think sometimes violence and hatred towards gays and lesbians gets dressed up in sort of a religious guise and is somehow tolerated. I just don't think it should be tolerated at all."

Within hours deputy police chief Frank Elsner said that the Greater Sudbury Police Service were "...actively conducting a criminal investigation in this matter." They plan to share their evidence with the provincial Attorney General's office, who will then decide if a hate crime was committed by Popescu and whether or not a criminal charge would be warranted.

If you think that this kind of thing wouldn't happen here, please read my June 6th posting, "Religious" Right Advocates Murdering Gays!"